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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Married Life!!!

       First off, I would like to congratulate one of my best friends, Mike Yost, and his new wife Kalee Yost (pictured left) on their wedding this weekend! It was an honor to be a part of their special day. Ps. I know yall see my photographer skills in the picture (straight Iphone4) lol.. The wedding party and the families of both Yost and Kalee traveled up to the wedding destination on Friday afternoon. I took a ride up with my boy Speez and 2 of the bridesmaids, Jamilee (made of honor) and Colleen. Once again, my sidekick (Iphone4) came in handy as we used the GPS to get out the Saxonburg! Once we pulled up and I got my first glimpse of where the ceremony was going to be held, I knew that if the weather held up and the rain stayed away, this would be an AMAZING day!!!!!!!! We unpacked the cars/set some things up/got our bedrooms situated/and started up our Cornhole tournament. Hopefully everyone knows what cornhole is???..if not, go here
You see, usually I'm on Speezs team but for some reason, last weekend he decided to pick a new teammate and leave me on my own! That was his first mistake! lol.. I ended up being on Yosts team and we dominated that weekend and started to dominate at the wedding as well! NO ONE could stop us! If you know me, you know that I hate to LOSE in anything! (there Speez, I admitted it) and cornhole was no different! Other teams made excuses as to why Yost and I were crushing them, but it just came down to us being a better team! lol...We easily won 20 games that day until finally the 2 other members of the 4 Horsemen took us out! READ THIS- IF YOU WANT TO PLAY YOST AND I, YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND US! haha. Friday night consisted of stories/pictures/drinking/rehearsal/food/food/food/laughs/some tears from Kalee's mother, yea I seen them lol/tossing the pigskin/hanging with Stella (she was a duck, not a goose) haha/Jokes by Landi (he actually had about 4 or 5 good solid jokes!/Subway/and everyone going to bed by 10:30PM?? I don't understand that! lol..Kalee's younger brother Brian was in bed by 9! When we went to Vegas, he didnt fall asleep until 7AM! lol..I woke up last Saturday morning and headed over to where the guys were going to hang out until the wedding at 3:30. We literally had over 7 hours to kill! They played cornhole for a little bit before we noticed this Bee's nest out on the deck. Jeff, Speez, Landi, Brian, Yost, and I decided that we were going to attack it at all costs! We used just about anything we could find. Window cleaner/Clorox/bleach/OFF/and more! Seconds before we all decided to spray the nest, I realized this was not a smart idea at all! I thought about Yost getting stung by 8 hornets and having his face swollen for the wedding and how mad Kalee would be at HIM and us! lol.. There was no turning back now. We attacked, they swarmed, we ran! They started falling on the deck and our weapons of choice seemed to be working well! lol..We ran back on the deck and finished the job! No one was stung so I would have to say our mission was a success! I wish someone would have filmed it though! We headed inside and just bs'ed for a little while before it was time to start getting ready for the wedding! Obviously women take way longer to get ready then men, and for weddings, they take even longer lol.. They were up at 8 getting their hair done while all the guys but Speez were still sleeping! He gets up early! Jamilee was taking pics of Kalee getting ready and posting them on facebook and Yost seen! This dude is a character! He may have only seen the first pic she posted before she deleted him as a friend! (he told me he wasn't going to accept her again but he did as soon as humanly possible) lol.. To be honest, I knew Yost was a little nervous! It wasn't as obvious as one may think, but I sensed it! It was like an anxious nervousness if that makes any sense to you. One thing I do know though is that Speez was more nervous than Yost as he had to give his best man speech in front of 130some people! I bet yall didn't know that Speez had 2 different copies of the speech just in case Yost or someone wanted to be funny and hide it from him. (#ADfacts) The guys started getting ready and I won't lie, we looked good.  The Chocolate shoes really made the tux Kalee lol..Yost's brother and father joined the party along with my man Jay and we all took one last shot before we headed out for the wedding. Speez's toast went a little something like this, "just , just, drink.." Straight to the point !! The groomsmen started greeting people and we headed down to the ceremony and waited for things to get underway! The bridesmaids made their way down and once again I will be honest here, they all looked amazing! The twins, Amy, Melanie, Missy, Chelsea, Colleen, and Jamilee made their way down the hill all praying that they didn't fall lol..I know I was praying they didn't! You could sense how genuinely happy they were for Kalee..........and I guess Yost as well! lol.. When Kalee was making her way down with Momma Juls, lol, I took a peek over at Yost and he was one HAPPY man! She looked beyond beautiful! All of their friends and family stood as she headed to meet her future husband. Seemed like everyone had a camera of some sort snapping pictures of her. Even Mr.Spisak was snapping pics! lol.. In front of the minister they stood, holding hands, laughing, smiling, whispering, just being themselves. The weather was perfect eventhough all week it was saying RAIN RAIN and more RAIN! I knew my prayers to the weather God's would work! The ceremony was short and sweet and before I knew it, Speez was giving Yost the ring and the minister was saying, "I now pronounce you Husband and Wife, you may kiss the bride." They sure made the most of that kiss! lol.. trust me! Mr. and Mrs. Yost they finally were! The whole world seemed to be smiling at that time! Funny story, Yost told us he has no idea at all of what the minister was saying during the ceremony! lol.. For the next 25/30 minutes or so, we took pictures. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they came out. The reception was exceptional. I really liked the entire setup. Their 1st dance as Mr. and Mrs.Yost brought out this quote by Jeff, "I never seen this side of Yost before"! lol.. Amen Jeff, amen. Jamilee and Speez both did great on their speeches. Both made us laugh but at the same time showed a deep, personal side that showed just how close they were with Yost and Kalee. Ps. what was the deal with Yost's fingernails??? haha hahah hahah hhaha I had to! The reception was everything I expected and more! I really enjoyed seeing some old friends from high school. Nothing compares to the times we all shared together. Each person I talked to there, could easily make you laugh instantly. There were tears shed again, laughs heard over the music, and happiness all around! Honestly, nothing could top it! Everyone was having a blast! It was quite the weekend for everyone involved! I know Yost and Kalee have been thanking us all for being a part of their wedding, but I would like to thank them for ALLOWING us to be! It was truly an A+ wedding!!!!!!!

I guess it's time to get going, until the next episode, enjoy the week everyone!!!


Thursday, September 8, 2011


The newest member of the DiMichele Family is my beautiful niece Layla. If you remember my past posts, I did a little description of each of my nieces and nephews and Layla wasn't born at the time so I'll do hers now.!! Hmmmm, where to start with this little princess? To be quite honest with you all, she SHOULD most definitely be a model of some sort. No BS either! I don't care what kind of model she will be but SOME COMPANY is MISSING OUT! Just look at the picture I posted, or the pics I have on FB/TWITTER! She's quite the little girl! Layla is a girl that will brighten up your day in an instant! I can't believe how happy she makes me....its ridiculous lol! She is quite the learner for her age (sorry, Layla is 16 months now) and as my little brother Nico just said to me, "She's a healthy young lad." Nico is strange ! lol.. She is a fan of Dora the Explorer/Sesame street/bubble guppies/and Mikey mouse clubhouse..She loves her some Minnie Mouse! My older sister Tasha BUYS Layla everything! lol.. She must have 30 pairs of shoes.. She has quite the wardrobe, always looking just right! She loves Gold fish! (she is big on saying the word FISHYYYYYYYYYY), you will have to hear it to understand just how cute it is. This little girl eats every kind of food there is and I kind of designated myself as the "Layla feeder". In my phone, I have over 500 pictures of her! She is extremely photogenic! I think she knows what she's doing too lol.. I'm so curious as to how she will sound when she starts talking..?? That's one thing I am always wondering when I hold her haha. HOPE SHE doesn't sound like a MAN! jk jk, I'll love her all the same even if she does end up having a deep deep deep manly voice! Layla is a unique little girl who blessed our family at the PERFECT TIME! Thank you Tanya (sister/Layla's Mom) for bringing her into this world!!! She is the perfect little rascal to compliment Isaiah/Ava/Giovanni/Nino! Those 5 together = PURE WILDNESS ..... Nico is rushing me to get off the computer so I will go for now. Hope you liked the little piece on Layla and you will be seeing more and more of her soon!!! S_m_D SO MANY DREAMS


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm back...

What's goin on everyone??..

I haven't been on here in over 2 years and almost forgot my name/password/etc!! Luckily for me, my boy LV gave me the website and I found it!!.. Always could count on him! My brother Alex text me today and asked me to give him a link to the blog and that's the only reason I got back on here.. I just re read a few of my older posts and I had a blast with this and I'm glad to get back into it!! Let's see, what have I been up too?? I'll have to fill you in on everything that's been going on with me/my family/friends/football here in the next few posts!! Some things are progressing while others are at a stand still but I'm still plugging away!.. Have to really remember to take things one day at a time and continue to attack each day... I have to do this.!! We all have to attack n live each day as if it were our last! How could we not do that? Just picture if we knew we had only one year left in our lives, how different would it be from the way we are living now?? Crazy right?..

This weekend I'm in one of my best friends weddings!!! I can't wait to share their special day with them and the rest of our friends.. My buddies name is Mike Yost (we simply call him by his last name).. Yost and I have been friends since, well , since I was about 7 or 8 years old.. That's a long time ladies and Mike is as easy going as they come.. He is one of them guys who just goes about his business, and does what he needs to do to be successful and he won't stop until he reaches his goals! I admire that about him.. Yost is also secretly one of the funnier people I know.. He's always got jokes and remembers EVERYTHING as if it were yesterday! He definitely knows how to get under people's skin but at the same time means NO harm at all lol.. I think that is what we call the "Napoleon" complex!! Right??? Lol..i know he can't wait for this wedding to get here! 5 of us just went today to pick up our tuxes for Saturday, and we will be some good lookin fellas at that wedding!! Lol. My other good friend Speez is the best man in the wedding and he's about as nervous as they come about his speech he has to give! I heard most of it and it's going to be quite the speech! I'm sure he will do fine and everyone will enjoy it! My 2 friends Speez and Jeff are also in the wedding.. You could basically call us the "Wolfpack" lol.. We are all getting older/moving on with our lives but we still have that friendship/brotherhood that will never be broken!! Most people can't say that and I'm lucky enough to be one of them!..I'll be sure to post some pics from the weekend so u could see how things turned out!!! I can't wait.!! Haven't been in/to a wedding in a while and this one is sure to be a success!!. Ps. Speez and I beat Jeff and Yost 5 games to NONE in 2 on 2 basketball last week! Had to throw that one in there for y'all! Lol .. But imma get going, I'll be sure to talk more about my journey/Kalee (Yosts fiancée) / my family on the next post!!!

Remember to REMOVE ALL DOUBTS from your life!!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Your Motivation?.?.?.??????

Im over here in the hotel watching the Phillies vs. Dodgers... Today, my roomate (Phil Hunt, who I have mentioned before) came in the room and said something that caught my eye. His girlfriend and 6 month old baby boy came to visit him for the week from Texas. He brought his boy to the room and layed him on the bed and said,"There's my motivation". Simple right? Basically, I'm wondering what motivates YOU? I was trying to take a nap and that's all I could think about. I know what motivates me everyday. If you feel up to it, just post on here what exactly motivates you to get up every morning and attack each day like it's your last? Details aren't needed if you don't want to give them. It will give us all a different outlook on life and what others think and feel. Hopefully this works the way I want it to. Hope all is well and look forward to hearing what you have to say. Till next time.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Never Ending Thoughts..

why do i continue to lay here wit you on my mind

the thought of even seeing you makes me blind

my nose is blown wide open from the scent of your perfume

these are the types of fumes i need to make me bloom

tell me whats on your mind so i know what your thinking

i wanna be able to look at you and know without you speaking

tear my heart apart and fill it with your love

so that im perfect for you like when you put on a glove

like the sun in the day, and the moon at night

look at me and let me be that shinning light

your voice is so angelic and soothing as the wind

please be my number 1 love and we will always win

promise to not leave me because i truly need you

embedded in my soul like you are my only tattoo

free like a bird, and higher than a kite

we could fly together as one into the moonlight

share my dreams with you and hope you ride me

becoming stronger than ever, like the roots of a tree

i wanna set you free like as a bird and you do as you please

just remember that i constantly pray for you while im on my knees

This was written by my man L.V Ware, who I mentioned before in a previous post. It's extremely deep and I understand where he is coming from without a doubt. Him and I seem to be in the same exact "FUNK". We aren't the type of people to be negative and I'm just looking forward to all the GOOD things and positives that will come out of our separate situations. I need to smile more, laugh more, and be thankful that I'm in the situation I'm in. I sure hope it's soon!!! He's right, we have to get back to that SmD state of mind.

Until next time...


ps. I started to read Joe Gibbs book, 'Game Plan for Life'. Let's see where this takes me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"The Greatest"

I know it's been awhile, but I'm back to it and ready to finish off the Family Blog with a bang. I've had a rough stretch here up in Canada and was down on myself a little bit. MISERABLE! A couple people close to me helped me get through it and I'm back to where I need to be and ready to embrace each and every day. I got to SKYPE (Adam.DiMichele skype me) my family the other day during my nephew Isaiah's 7th birthday party. I got to see everyone. My Uncle Dave and Aunt Amy along with their kids David and Elijah. I seen my Grandma Dolly who came with my Aunt Donna and her two children, Dominic and Maria. I also got to see my Aunt Daria who was visiting from Boston. All the children were there and I even got to sing Happy Birthday to Isaiah and watch him blow out his candles. It was great. Winnipeg is on a 3 game win streak and we are tied for 2nd place in our division. 4 games left with a chance at the playoffs. UHHHH OHHHHH!! I'll keep you posted.

I guess it's about that time that I talk about the two people that solidify our family. The two people who have done more for their children than you could even imagine. The two people that have helped mold me into the person I am today. To the left, we have my my mother, Natalie "Joanie" DiMichele and to the right, my father Dominic DiMichele.

Ladies first. My Mom is an extremely intelligent woman (I think that's why I'm a smart person ; ) no offense Dad haha). If I have a question about anything, and need an answer quick, she is always right there. I'm really not the type to understand the simple things life has to offer haha haha. I recall many times where I would call her to ask what I can and can't do when washing my laundry. I have called her and asked her how to cook "eggs in the middle" (I know how to know. YES) along with many other foods. I really need to learn how she makes her pancakes. She makes them so thin yet they have this buttery taste to them and I'm really mad at myself because I definitely just became hungry! She also makes the best devil dogs (they are basically like chocolate cake with cream in the middle, seems simple. But they are anything but that). I may call her now and ask her to make me some for when I get home in November!!!!

Right now my mother is spending alot of her time taking care of her mother, my grandma Natalie. She is living right across the street from us which makes it a little easier on her but at the same time, she does so much. She is also a stay at home Grandma. She watches my brother Dom's baby boy, Dominic, a few days a week. She used to watch all of them at once before they started school. I don't know how she did it. Well she did have 7 children, so I am guessing she was pretty used to having so many children running around right? I can remember when I was in grades 5 thru 10, I would always call my Mom if i wanted to get an early release from school. I would get to her work and would know that she was going to order a Bambino pizza from Foxes for me (this usually happened with another one of my brothers as well). I used to love that! My mother is an extremely emotional woman (that's where Alex gets it from haha). I really enjoy the show "Extreme Makeover Home Edition". I can watch it all day long non-stop if it were on. I watched it at home with my mother and she just lost it. She will let those tears of hers out if she feels the need to and I've seen it quite a few times watching certain movies and TV shows. When we were younger, my Mom got us kids hooked on a few of her shows she liked to watch. Her favorites were "Murder She Wrote" and "Macgyver". I won't lie, my mother had me loving the show. Jessica Fletcher was great!!!!!!! Thanks Mom, now everyone knows I liked "Murder She Wrote" haha. When I was in tbe 4th grade I believe my mother took my brother Anthony and I to the doctors to get a check up. I have always been afraid of getting shots and she knew that. Won't you know it, I ended up needing a shot. I was nervous but I somehow didn't cry or nothing. We walked out and she started signing some papers at the front desk. I stood beside her looking at the pretzels they give you when you leave and the next thing I know I got dizzy, passed out and smashed my head off the ground knocking me unconscious. I was knocked out and when I snapped out of it and woke up she was there crying and holding me asking if I was ok. Eventhough I was in the 4th grade, thinking I was tough, the love from my mom on that day felt great!!!

My mother has worked multiple jobs in the past to help provide a better and more suitable life style for my brothers and sisters and I. With my parents, no matter how hard it got for them, they tried to make it as comfortable as possible for us. The word that comes to mind in this situation is SACRIFICE! They have made so many sacrifices for US that it's the goal of mine (and I'm sure it's the same for everyone else) to re pay them someday. It will happen one day. I promise you that.

My mother is an extremely special woman. She is the type of mother that see's only four pieces of pie for five people, and she promptly announces she never did care for pie. In life, you only get 1 mother, and I'm extremely thankful that I have Natalie DiMichele as mine! I Love You Mom!

Dominic DiMichele, my father, is the best man I know.

My dad is an extremely strong person! No matter the situation, he has never shown a weakness. That's a quality of his that I try day in and day out to perfect but I just can't. Someday? My dad has his own Painting business named DiMichele Painting. He, along with my Uncle Dino have been together painting for over 20 years. My dad knows that my brothers and I could always use some extra money so instead of hiring someone else to be part of his crew, he brings us along. I have been painting each summer with my dad since the age of 14. At first, I had no idea what I was doing and basically was the gopher. I got all the equipment they needed and set the drop cloths up for them. As I got older, I begin to learn more and more and finally I thought of myself as part of the crew. It's pretty good money and I get to work with my family. I don't know what else could be better (unless he pays me for what I'm really worth haha. JK JK). I always mess with him about moving up on the pay scale. He brings me back to reality when he asks me to go up high and paint. NO SIR! I'll take none of that! I talk to my Dad pretty much everyday first thing in the morning when I wake up. It's been that way basically since I went away to college 5 or so years ago and it's a great way to start my day off.

My dad has coached my brothers and I since I was around the age of 5. He coached us in Farm League Baseball with the Devils, Little League Baseball with the Indians, grade school basketball at St. John of God, and many summer league teams. I think it was great to have been coached by my father due to the fact that it put me in somewhat of a comfort zone but at the same time I never wanted to let him down. we had some very successful teams that he coached but he decided to retire when I hit the 7th grade I believe. He swears I never give him any credit for teaching me what I know about sports, so here it finally is Dad, "my dad taught me how to compete and made me into the athlete I am today". My parents are most definitely our biggest fans! I could always remember hearing my mom scream, "Go Adam, hit it out here baby", or even my brother Alex said he heard her screaming for her at one of his football games last year. She can cheer with the best of them. No doubt about that. My dad tries to get every single game that he can't make it to on the computer. With him, he just wants to see his children happy and enjoying themselves. Each Christmas, even with 7 kids, it seemed like we had so many gifts. I don't know how my parents did it. As I write this, I still don't understand how each year they were able to provide us with what they did. I'm Stumped! A show that my father used to have us watch when we were younger was "Bonanza". We used to watch that show all the time. My dad named each of us as each of the 3 brothers on the show and that kept us interested I think. My dad can fall asleep at any time during the day. He takes naps at the most awkward times but his weird sleeping habits do have him awake at around 4/4:30 a.m each morning doing laundry or cleaning the house. I don't know how someone can function throughout the day waking up that early but my dad does it! I don't think I will ever become half the man my father is. The way he puts family first at all times is something I noticed at a young age and has been the focal point in how I live my life now and how I will raise my family one day. Dom DiMichele is the person I look up to the most and the one I go to when times get rough. He's been through everything I've been through and some. Thanks for everthing Dad. Your the best! Man, I can't wait to get home in mid-November. Ps. Dad, get the HAMMER ready! Alex and Tone keep getting stronger, we need to team up. Me, you, and Nico!!!

My parents have been married for 32 years. That's 11,688 days together. High School Sweethearts! GOD WILLING I WILL BE WITH SOMEONE THAT LONG! Thank you both for everything you have done for us. We will never be able to show you how much we appreciate all the sacrifices you have made together, but we will try! Family4Ever!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Sooooo Crazy but you Gotta Love Em"

Today in Winnipeg, the weather was absolutely ridiculous! I don't recall how cold it was , but with freezing rain and the wind blowing the way it was, I HATED IT! Everyone says, "Oh Ad, your from Pittsburgh, you should be used to this." ummmm NO! haha I despise the cold weather and will never get used to it. NEVER .... EVER! haha.. My roommate (Phillip Hunt from Houston who plays Defensive End for us here) and I went to go see the movie 'Zombieland' last night. I actually enjoyed it. I learned a few things from the movie. Rule #32- Enjoy the small things in life. Rule #4-Buckle your seat belt. haha, If you get a chance and are looking for a laugh, check it out. Don't be mad at me if you don't like it though. I think it's about time that I talk about the Niece and Nephews. I'll have to start with my Princess Ava. Ladies first! Here goes and I hope you all enjoy.

Here she is -----------------------------> :) Ava is my little babygirl! You know how everyone has that spot in their heart for that "ONE" special person. Well, Ava is that person for me. (I love all my family members equally, trust me. She's my god daughter and the only girl, so I have to look out for her haha). Ava is such an intelligent little girl. About a year or so ago, I called my brother Dom to talk and BS about football or whatever it was at the time and I asked to talk to Ava. She got on the phone and I started asking her questions like I always do. When it was time to go, here's how our conversation ended. Adam says- Ok Ava, I miss you Ava says- I miss you too Adam says- I love you Ava Ava says- I love you too Adam says- Seeya (I don't like saying GOODBYES! I'll say goodbye when I know I will never see ya again) Ava says- Seeya TOO haha haha haha.. She had me laughing for days. When I'm home, Ava and I spend our nights watching 'Wizards of Waverly Place'. It's one of her favorite shows. I spent alot of time sleeping over my brothers house with Ava and I sharing her bedroom. YES, WE SHARED A PINK BEDROOM AND I'M PROUD OF IT! Each night I would never be allowed to watch my shows until she fell asleep. lol, she already knows she got me wrapped around her finger, right BF? I always tried to come to the rescue for Ava when she was having nightmares. I'm a light sleeper so I would hear her while she was dreaming so I would wake her up and make sure she was ok and let her know that "Uncle Adam would protect her". She wouldn't have anymore nightmares that night! I think I did my job! Ava is a very proud little girl who has a lot to offer to the world and I can't wait to see her grow up! I've already told her that if any boy is mean to her at any time, she better give her Uncles a call! THIS IS A WARNING GUYS, STAY AWAY HAHA. ; ) I can't wait to talk to Ava later tonight and I'll bet my life she answers the phone the same way she always does by saying, "HI, Uncle Adam" in her exciting little voice haha.

Isaiah is up next! Za (as we call him) is another intelligent kid who can make you laugh no matter how had of a day you've had. If you would just hear how genuine and true his laugh is, there's no way you wouldn't laugh with him or at least smile. He is always running around and has so much energy. It's been great to see how Za has began to like sports. The last time I was home, him and I caught football both inside and outside. I didn't even have to ask him if he wanted to either. Za has some speed in that little body of his too. He just recently started playing organized football and everyone started calling him Troy Polamalu because of his long hair that's hanging out of his helmet. When he gets older, I think he's going to be a pretty good athlete, so there's your warning. I remember one time when I watched Isaiah when he was only a few months old so that my sister Tanya could go out and enjoy herself. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. He was such a little angel at first but when bed time came, he cried and cried and cried some more. The only way he would stop was to put him in front of the mirror and let him see himself. haha. Now ladies, I think Za is going to be a little heart breaker. I just got word from my brother Nico that Isaiah is also looking out for his cousin Ava while they are in 1st grade together. It seems as though when someone messes with Ava, she tells them simply, "That's strike 1, you have 3 strikes before my cousin Za beats you up". WE STICK TOGETHER! When I talk on the phone with Za, he always says, "HUH" and "WHAT YOU SAY". He knows how to push my buttons but he gets away with it. If it weren't for that dimple he got on his face I wouldn't let things slide so easily haha. Isaiah is also an emotional guy. When my brother Alex left for Robert Morris University this fall, Za lost it. He became so sad and it broke my heart. He was crying real tears because he missed his Uncle Alex. I called Alex and let him talk to Za and he made him feel alot better after the talk. Isaiah is a tough little boy and I think he does a great job of being an older brother to Giovanni and cousin to both Ava and Dominic. I can't wait to SKYPE with him again, he's too funny! He's also turning 7 years old this Friday. They're growing up too fast and I feel as though I've missed so much by being away. I'll be back soon
though and I can't wait to play in the snow with my little homie. Happy Birthday Za!

Giovanni's turn! Gigi, to me, is probably the most relaxed and least hyper of the 4. He just seems so cool, calm, and collected. In the picture above, I think someone yelled at him and we all rush to try and save the day by consoling them. I obviously won with him haha. Giovanni is an interesting kid. The other day my younger brother Anthony called home from college to talk to the boys and my sister. My brother talked to Gigi and told him to give the phone to his mom so that he could talk to her. Gigi ran and dropped the phone, as he picked it up, he asked the phone "are you okay?" haha. This little guy is a trip. When I was home recently, I was helping my Mother watch him and his brother. Isaiah went with my Mom across the street to my Grams and I stayed at home with Gigi. Him and I just hung out on the couch, ate some candy, and watched a movie. He didn't get up once or complain he was bored at all. Gigi is now in Kindergarten and tells me that he likes it alot. He's getting smarter each and everyday and I'm looking forward to seeing his progress when i get home! If you haven't checked it out yet, you need to check my facebook page out and see my little man dance. I think that may be his calling. He is smooth and already spins and jumps and he looks cool doing it. If he could be taught a little bit, I think he could be a legit dancer. He's going to star in the movie, Step It Up 14 - GiGi Time hah haha hahah.. I got a voice message on September 9th of this month from Gigi that says, "I love you Uncle Adam, I miss you, that's all... And I love you... and I miss you so much and it's making me cry.. call me if your still up." Now if that isn't the saddest thing ever, I don't know what is. :'( It sucks having to be away from the people that mean the most to you. Girls just love Gigi. They think he's just so innocent and does no wrong! I'll quote my little nephew one last time before I move on, "Mom, I think I know why Za wanted a younger brother. . . . So that he could torture me the rest of my life." lmao! Gotta love him.

Last but certainly not least is my nephew Dominic. We all call him Nino so that's what I'll be referring to him as throughout the blog. Nino loves TRAINS! He loves Thomas and Friends. On each train, they have their own unique facial expression. I ask him to show me the expression of each and every train and he knows the exact face they make. He knows Thomas and Percy and Gordon and James and even my favorite, Diesel ( He will have us latch onto his side and go around the house like we are trains on the track. He makes all the train sounds and just enjoys every second of it. The funniest thing that he does is when we play hide and seek. We will tell him to hide and we count to 20. So we will yell, "Are you ready?" and he will answer real loud, "Yes". We go around the house pretending like we don't know where he's at, even though he only hides in one spot basically every time haha. One of us will say, "Where are you Nino?" and won't you know it, he says, "I'm right here, under the table". haha, he tells us where he's hiding all the time. He's too much. Dominic was so afraid to get his haircut the last time I was home. I ended up getting this little fohawk looking thing and Nino's Mother, Jill (don't worry Jill, I got something to write about you sometime soon) brought him up right after me. I held him as he cried, fought, punched and spit all over the place. He got the fohawk just like his Uncle and he looked good. I was impressed with Eddie (Barber up at Castelucci's up in Kennedy who cuts the entire family basically). I think his fear of the barber has come and gone though and I hope i somehow helped with it. haha. One thing that I taught Nino, oh wait, 2 things that I've taught Nino that I wish I could take back would be Burping (I can make myself burp really loud and he always says, "Uncle Adam does it") and biting. I never said biting was allowed, I just always told him to bite "easy, easy, easy". Jill blames me for that. Sorry Dom! haha. Nino just turned 3 on September 28th and I missed his party last week. I know everyone enjoyed themselves because my brother Alex send me some videos from the party.

I, along with the rest of my family, am so thankful that we have these children in our lives. They've all been a blessing and I can't wait to see them grow! I'll be adding the 5th member when he/she is born sometime in May or June. Get ready for it. Hope everyone has a great day!

Anf ***